VGM Wednesdays – “Still Alive” from Portal

“Still Alive” from Portal, by Jonathan Coulton and released in 2008.

Talk about being late for the party! So, after four years, I’ve finally played/beaten Portal.  I use those two words in the same sentence because I beat it in one sitting.

I just couldn’t stop 😐

I thought that the 19 test chambers were some sort of “teaching the game” sections of the game.  And then, they took a really long time.  See, I thought “wow, this is a really long opening, I wonder what could possibly be after this.” And then it’s “over…”

… (except, of course, that it’s not over, but it’s not exactly “just beginning.”)

Kind of confusing, which is why I never knew how much game was left.  After I finished the 19th test chamber, my fiancee wanted to watch a movie and I kept saying “I think that I’m near the end, just another half an hour!”

Three hours later, I finally reached GLaDOS and that was that.

I really loved it.  I mean, I really loved it and totally get why everyone was all about it in 2008.  When it came out, I just didn’t get it.  Well, that all changed on Sunday.

What really pulled me in (REALLY) was the writing on the wall.  I really wanted them to develop that further (and maybe they do in sequels or extras) because that really enhanced the whole universe.  I mean, it would have been a whole different game, but then what happens to the guy/girl?

Also, when you first see the cake is a lie on the wall, you can’t really stop your forward momentum – you need to play through the story.  It’s like the mid-point in BioShock when you finally meet Andrew Ryan – I won’t ruin the moment for you, but you really can’t help but continue on.  I felt powerless to stop the momentum of the story, which was so interesting emotionally, like continue to follow the signs into the dark forest, you know?

Anyway, do you have any good memories of Portal?

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4 thoughts on “VGM Wednesdays – “Still Alive” from Portal

  1. Jan – I did not, but she was fabulous as a computer voice 😛 I wonder what it was like to sing so deadpan for “Still Alive” after years of practicing opera… hmmmmm…

    Lyle – You read the blog! Nice! Have you played the second one?

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