Concerto for Euphonium


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A contemporary three-movement concerto for euphonium, inspired by the trials of my undergraduate music degree.

The first movement is fast and frenetic, cycling through odd meters and simple, as though it is tripping and stumbling through the work, just hanging on. The keys frequently modulate as the euphonium attempts to keep one step ahead of the piano.

Movement Two is calmer and more serene. The music is coming through now, the euphonium feels steadier as the music moves through beautiful suspensions and cadences. This moving section of the concerto really highlights the euphoniums beauty in the mid-to-high registers.

By Movement Three, the soloist demonstrates complete and utter control. The haphazard unsteadiness of the first movement is a distant memory–the euphonium is in command. Demonstrating dexterity and agility, this movement really highlights some of the quick and virtuosic abilities of the soloist.

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