Sabbatical Roundup – Highlights

Today is the last day of my sabbatical.  Who would’ve thought 150 days would blow by so quickly? It’s been a very productive five months, though, and I thought that I’d share some of my favourite events and projects from my sabbatical time. 1) Premiering Morgun with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra There is something very surreal about getting to work with some of the best musicians … Continue reading Sabbatical Roundup – Highlights

When the spark catches…

So, I worked on this game called DuckTales: Scrooge’s Loot that was made by Complex Games and published by Disney.  My last post was about it and, now that the game is out, it’s starting to make some waves. I’ve been following online magazines like Destructoid and Touch Arcade for a long time and today I saw DTSL on both of those this afternoon.  Then … Continue reading When the spark catches…

VGM Wednesday (Friday) – “Com64” from “Sword & Sworcery”

“Com64” from Superbrothers: word & Sworcery EP, by Jim Guthrie and released in 2011. This past week, I was recording the Episode 6 of the IRL Podcast with Francesca and Kyle.  This particular episode was about the Humble Indie Bundle V, which I talked about last week.  They also wanted to talk about the music, so they asked me to come on (from previous Into the Score experience, and … Continue reading VGM Wednesday (Friday) – “Com64” from “Sword & Sworcery”

VGM Wednesday – “A Proper Story” from Bastion

“A Proper Story” from Bastion, by Darren Korb and released in 2011. So, the Humble Indie Bundle 5 was released just a few weeks past and it included this highly-praised game called Bastion.  I’d heard of it, but never played it. It wasn’t until Francesca over at the IRL Podcast sent me a note and told me that Episode 6 is going to be on the … Continue reading VGM Wednesday – “A Proper Story” from Bastion

VGM Wednesday – “Battle with the Masked Man” from Mother 3

“Battle with the Masked Man” from Mother 3, by Shogo Sakai and released in 2006. I had a great chat with my friend Joey, at a social* this past Saturday, about this very sequence in Mother 3 for GameBoy Advance. (there appears to be too many commas in that sentence, but if I wrote “I had a great chat with my friend Joey about this event … Continue reading VGM Wednesday – “Battle with the Masked Man” from Mother 3

VGM Wednesday – Ending Theme (Orchestrated) from Final Fantasy VI

“Ending Theme” from Final Fantasy VI, by Nobuo Uematsu and released in 1994. I know that I’ve posted this before, but this version is different and it celebrates the completion of a project that I’ve been working on for quuuuuuuuite some time.  But first the music… I’ve heard just about every FF6 live performance/arrangement/orchestration on the web and I was SO happy to finally find this. … Continue reading VGM Wednesday – Ending Theme (Orchestrated) from Final Fantasy VI

VGM Wednesdays – “Still Alive” from Portal

“Still Alive” from Portal, by Jonathan Coulton and released in 2008. Talk about being late for the party! So, after four years, I’ve finally played/beaten Portal.  I use those two words in the same sentence because I beat it in one sitting. I just couldn’t stop 😐 I thought that the 19 test chambers were some sort of “teaching the game” sections of the game.  And then, … Continue reading VGM Wednesdays – “Still Alive” from Portal

VGM Wednesday – “Zero’s Theme” Medley – The Plasmas

“Zero’s Theme ~Medley~” from Mega Man X, performed by “The Plasmas.”. One of my earliest prominent memories of video games was going to my aunt and uncle’s new house in St. Rose du Lac.  They had Mega Man 2 and, like most who grew up with it, it was a transformative experience. Then I got Mega Man 3 and 4 a little while later, and they were cool… but then … Continue reading VGM Wednesday – “Zero’s Theme” Medley – The Plasmas

VGM Wednesday – “Super Mario RPG Medley” by GaMetal

“Almost every song” from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, by GaMetal, posted by January 9, 2012. I don’t have words… Actually, his comments say everything for themselves, so here they are: Almost EVERY song from the soundtrack is featured. This song itself is split into 7 ‘acts’ as I’d like to call them, combined together to form this enormous tribute. Over 40 different … Continue reading VGM Wednesday – “Super Mario RPG Medley” by GaMetal

VGM Wednesdays – “Prologue” from Castlevania: SOTN

“Prologue” from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, by Michiru Yamane and released in 1997. This piece has so many aspects that I’ve loved from music throughout my life: Music, 80s guitar, Romantic Era-esque arpeggios overtop of thick choral and string chords… it’s like my whole musical career wrapped into one piece.  All it needs are cadential resolutions to IVadd9 chords and we’ll be set. (I really, … Continue reading VGM Wednesdays – “Prologue” from Castlevania: SOTN