VGM Wednesdays – “Elec Man” from Mega Man

“Elec Man” from Mega Man, composed by Manami Matsumae and released in 1987

When I hear this tune, I still hear the theme song to “M.A.S.K.” from the 80s.  Classic show.

This takes me back to a better time, when games were so unbelievably hard for three reasons: 1) Level of difficulty was just different at the time, maybe because of the amount of memory on a cartridge being so small that the developers didn’t want the player to beat it too quickly, 2) the culture of difficulty was consistent – everything was hard (and beating a game really boosted your self-esteem and feelings of accomplishment) and 3) I was 9 years old.

Being born in 1983, the math doesn’t really work out on that last point.  My two cousins had Mega Man 2 and when we all got together at Christmas one year, we played it for hours.  Maybe I soaked in all of the knowledge and know-how from my older cousins and brother, but I could actually play this game and do reasonably well.

Then I got the first Mega Man and I got destroyedoften.

Those falling platforms in Guts Man’s level? Ahhhhhh!! I must have spent months on those.

I could beat Cut Man… that was a huge accomplishment.

That game whooped my butt.  Even playing it as an adult on the 20th Anniversary Edition for PS2 was not easy task.  Granted, I was better, but it didn’t make the game less hard.

Anyway, post your thoughts in the comments if you have solid memories with this game.

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2 thoughts on “VGM Wednesdays – “Elec Man” from Mega Man

  1. Kenley,

    Ice Man’s level is still one of the most frustrating levels for me, my goodness. I hope Capcom continues to make games in the style of Mega Man 9 and 10, harkening back to the original Mega Man’s impossibility. Whew. Always good times, though, for sure.

    – Greg

    PS: The M.A.S.K. song is close, but not as close as this:

  2. Another great selecetions, Kenley. My first exposure to this particular theme was on the Gameboy series of Mega Man games. I still remember that catchy theme, working my way through the traps, and the dangerous sections where getting hit could cause a fall to death. A very good choice.

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