Music Ed Monday – Allow Yourself To Be Moved

The strangest thing happened on Friday night: I went to “Indie Game: The Movie” and was emotionally moved.  I mean, really emotionally.

I had to go home and journal after watching the movie, it was that profound.

If you don’t know of IGTM, then watch the trailer below and read up on it.  There were only two screenings in Winnipeg and both were sold out – lucky I got my tickets in early December.

IGTM follows three sets of developers: Phil Fish from Polytron Corporation (of Fez fame), Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes from Super Meat Boy and Jonathan Blow, who made Braid.  Let’s do a quick rundown…


Super Meat Boy




They each have their own creative struggles, most notably with creative expression, being understood, being valued and the push for production (i.e. deadlines).

It really brought to light so many feelings that I had pushed way, way down.  For example, there was a scene where Phil is talking about how he’s been so close to this game for so long that he’s scared he’s lost perspective and can’t see the game for what it really is anymore and I feel like that all the time, especially with the choral suite that I’ve been working on-and-off for the past year.  I’m so attached to it that I don’t even know if it’s good anymore.  Well, that’s not entirely true – I would know if it sucked, but if I’m putting my heart and blood and time and tears into it, I want other people to feel what I feel and if they don’t, then I feel like maybe I haven’t achieved what I’ve set out to do.

(Keeping in mind, that once art is sent out into the world, it’s free to be interpretted as it is, Brenna said that tonight and she’s definitely right).

I don’t want to cry anyone a river in this post because that’s not what it’s really about.

On Friday, I was moved.

On Friday, I was vulnerable.

On Friday, I was open to art and it was open to me.

Let’s be honest here: Sometimes, I’m not open to art.  Sometimes, I keep that wall up and ain’t nothin’ getting through it.

We’re probably like that a lot, aren’t we? There are so many other things going through our mind that we don’t allow ourselves to be vulnerable during class when we’re rehearsing rep, listening to music or singing our hearts out.  Our guards are up.

The strange thing is that we don’t really like that feeling – the music always feels best when we connect with it.  We know that because that’s why we do it, that’s the feeling that keeps bringing us back.   But why do we stop it? Why do we stop the very thing that brings us there in the first place?

That’s this week’s assignment: Be aware of what gets in the way of your connection to Music in the classroom.  It’s hard, so be ready for that, but it’ll be worth it.  We’re going to pick up on it next week, so come prepared 🙂

Allow yourself to be moved.  Open up and let it happen, even if it’s just you and your iPod in the middle of the night.  Put your guard down and see what happens – you might be surprised, but you sure won’t be sorry 🙂



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