VGM Wednesdays – “Blue Skies Over Guardia” from Chrono Symphonic

by Kenley

“Blue Skies Over Guardia,” from Chrono Symphonic,  released in 2006 and remixing “Guardia’s Millenial Fair” from the Chrono Trigger OST by Yasunori Mitsuda

There some things in life that make me profoundly happy: Oreo ice cream, pleasant surprises, when the Winnipeg Jets win a nail-biter of a game and finally, music in odd metre.

“Blue Skies Over Guardia” is a 7/8 remix of “Millenial Fair,” so we feel the beat in subdivisions of 2 and 3 in every bar.  Some metres are simple (groups of 2, or 1-and 2-and etc.), compound (groups of 3, 1-trip-let, 2-trip-let, etc.) or a combination of both.  We call that type grouping “odd metre” (among other things).

 The style of drumbeat also emulates one of my FAVOURITE drummers of all-time.  Paul Wertico was the drummer on Pat Metheny’s “The First Circle” recording, which employs some driving (and subdividing) ride cymbal and some super cool rhythmic clapping.  That drum pattern influenced some of my own ride-cymbal-subdividing/odd-metre/clapping music of my own too…

It starts off as a 2+2+3, with the subdivision being set by the piano.  At about 0:29, the pattern changes to 3+2+2 and is really set by the horn melody.  THEN (and this is the craziest part) at 0:48, they converge so that the piano is doing the 2+2+3 while the rest of the ensemble is doing 3+2+2! CRAZY!

But it all works out because every measure still only has seven “small beats” (or subdivided beats) in it.  Incredible 🙂 DarkeSword really did a great job on this tune.

I love this album.  It’s from OverClocked ReMix and they are awesome – not much more needs to be said about that.  Go check them out, seriously.

As another aside, Chrono Symphonic’s “To Far Away Times” (the ending theme of Chrono Trigger) rocks my socks.  Just piano and vocals by the lovely Jillian Aversa and the late Reuben Kee.  So subtle, but so delicate.  Definitely check that out too.

Until next time,