Betty Boop Bop


This rhythm game by Fowl Moon Studios Corp that came out in the App Store in 2014 and there was sure a lot of music to write for it! About 40 minutes of it, which made it my longest game of the year.  I don’t think I’ve ever been pushed quite so hard musically in a game contract because there were so many genres to write for: 30s swing, pop, orchestral, chiptune, disco, folk, you name it!

Here are a few samples from that game!

Waiting for Someone features the vocals of the wonderful Swedish songstress, Camilla Bard.  She was our Betty and she knocked it out of the park.

I Don’t Know was used as the 1940s level and was meant to recount the horrors of leaving the Second World War and about repairing one’s self after you returned.  Again, Camilla really did an amazing job singing this, particularly because it’s one of the few tracks in a non-Betty voice.

Bit-erial Girl (in a Bit-erial World) is, I think, my favourite track from the game.  It uses traditional waveforms from the NES and then moves into the 80s power-pop feel in the second half.  I just love chiptune music in general, so it was really wonderful to get to write in this style.

Elixir is where Betty and a salesman roll into town and try and sell some snake oil potion and, because I just forgot to hire a male vocalist before we went into the studio, I had to do it myself! It was a bit nerve-racking, but when there’s a deadline, the recording needs to get done.  All in all (and about 17 takes later), it got done and I’m really happy with it!

In the Summer allowed us to flex our Latin writing, particularly in the rhythm section and saxophone departments.  The five-part sax soli is quite a lot of musical math to do, but it makes me want to dance and dancing sure is fun.


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