Its song, so sweet, compels me…

This past month, something that I always felt inside was confirmed:

The world is craving emotional classical music about our place in the natural universe.

We Are Stars is getting published, Filum Vitae is in submission (but has generally been well-received) and, perhaps most surprisingly, Cosmos has been shared by prominent astronomers, is being featured by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (Vancouver) and has connected with thousands of people.

Literally thousands.  We’re almost at 13,000 views.

There is a hole that needs to be filled in people’s hearts that is filled with an awe and beauty of the natural world.  I know it because I have it too.

Whatever connects with us is often what comes out best.  So, I know that there are more like me now.  I always knew, but there’s still that shred of doubt that always lingered.  I want to say that it doesn’t matter if no one gets it, but I think that it matters to me.  It matters if you are sending a message into the air or sky or universe and no one is receiving it.  My music resonates with me and I want it to connect with people like it connects with me.

Here is a snapshot of one of my next pieces.  Here’s the text:

We are wanderers
in a darkened sky.
We are wanderers
to the stars.

We are travellers
through the veil of night.
We are travellers
to the stars.

The horizon softly calls.
I hear it in my heart.
Its song, so sweet, compels me
to cast my light into the dark.

This is the beginning.  More to come 🙂


One thought on “Its song, so sweet, compels me…

  1. Kenley,
    Congratulations of your marriage! I have just watched your Chorale on the Cosmos – many times today. I love it and am sending it on to many of my Montessori friends who use a framework called “cosmic education” for elementary children and the “origins” work for high school. It is such a meaningful piece of music. I began as a chorale music teacher many years ago and this has really touched me. Have you read the Native American poem “We are the Ones We’ve been Waiting For”? it could lend itself to a composition by you.
    Kathy Minardi
    Washington DC

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