Music Ed Monday – Before You Go…

Today is the last day of class.   So, Grade 12s, you made it.  Congratulations 🙂

This wasn’t the hardest thing you’ve had to do, but it certainly wasn’t the easiest either.  It took a lot of work – sometimes, you didn’t put in quite as much as you should, put it appears that you put in enough.  You’ve made a great start.

Mr. Brandon had some great sentiments for the last class, and I feel like I’ve shared so many hundreds of hours with you all (100 hours per course; the record is 700 hours) that I want to leave you with some things that we’ve been saying during your past three years.  You don’t have to listen/read/follow, but you can if you want 🙂

1) Be humble.

Listen to everyone you meet, treat them with respect, and let them teach you what you need.

2) Nobody cares what you can do without trying.

Or to be said another way…

3) We only expect your best.

Give it your all, then give it a little bit more.

4) The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the next best time is now.

This is a classic Brandon-ism, but it’s so good that I need to share it.  Which leads me to another…

5) It’s never too late to do the right thing.

Never, ever, ever.

6) Sometimes, it’s your fault; sometimes, it’s not, but both are okay.

As humans, we like to deflect blame.  We don’t like to be found at fault for things, whether it’s a car accident or gossipping, missing a bill payment or hurting someone’s feelings.  Some of these things may actually be your fault, so just own up to it and take responsibility, instead of making excuses.  It’s amazing what you’ll learn about yourself and how sparse those mistakes will become in your future.

7) When the caterpillar wound itself in a coccoon, it thought its world was ending… then it became a butterfly.

Sometimes, the hardest part of life is not knowing what comes next, especially when the axe is to the grindstone and you can’t see past the next paycheque, exam, or sleepless night.  But even through the fog of exhaustion or a huge life change, great things can happen and happen all the time.

Thanks for a great few years.  Be safe and do the right thing… Always.

Until then,

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