Music Ed Monday (Tuesday?) – Thundersoul

It’s so nice to be inspired.  It happens sometimes.  If it happened all the time, it wouldn’t be special… but it really happened on Sunday.  I mean, it really happened.

I watched a movie called “Thundersoul” about… well, just watch the trailer:

Even as I write this a few days later, I have a hard time putting my feelings into words because the movie is about so much.  It’s about music, it’s about love, it’s about the underdog, it’s about passion, it’s about education…

It’s everything that I feel about my job put into one movie.

It made me feel like teachers make a difference in people’s lives.  There’s a quote from the movie where one of the players (now an adult) says “Prof.  didn’t only teach us how to play, he taught us to be men.”  Teach the whole kid!

And the method that was used was funk.  Funk.  Funk!

It’s kind of cute that the premise of the movie is that one of the best funk bands in the U.S. was comprised entirely of high school students, but then you hear them… and… damn…

They really brought it.  They were the real deal.  These underdog kids from a rough neighbourhood, all African-American in a time where a completely African-American stage band was unheard of…

I can’t do it justice, this movie may change your life.  In fact, that’s your homework 🙂

I think I just need to think about this a bit more.  Maybe I’ll be clearer in a week.

Happy teaching,

PS: Sorry about the late post, Louis Riel Day threw me for a loop.

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