Who would’ve that, after having my site launched for one day, I would receive one of the most exciting emails of my life.  It was from Larry Nickel of Cypress Choral Music from Vancouver, BC.  The first three lines read like this:

Dear Kenley,
Thank you for your patience.
We would love to publish your piece: We Are Stars 

There are no words for the elation that I felt when I read that someone was willing to take a risk on me and share my work and art with the world.  I have such extreme gratitude for those who are willing to reward those who craft their world (Stars was finally “finished” on the twelfth draft) and put themselves out there.

This piece of music is very close to my heart, so of all of the pieces submitted to competitions or publishers throughout the past while (and more than a few losses and rejections), I’m really happy that this one made the cut.

More details to follow, but until then, let’s celebrate *clink!* 🙂

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