O Magnum Lux

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from the program notes:

In O Magnum Lux, composer Kenley Kristofferson captures the warmth and mystical nature of famed choral composer Morton Lauridsen. Indeed, the great lyrical quality of the trombone lends itself well to the beautiful melodies often written by the great choral composer. The piano’s warm and open voicing throughout the piece encapsulates Lauridsen’s orchestration style, empowering the trombone melody to sing throughout. Kristofferson’s O Magnum Lux fills the listener with warmth, awe, and deference before finishing with a profound and quiet peace. This piece was commissioned in 2016 by Aaron Wilson, who premiered the work at Brandon University in 2017.

  • Aaron Wilson, Brandon University.

Composer Notes:
When Aaron Wilson asked me to write a piece for his upcoming album, he was looking for
original works that were in the style of music that inspired the composer. As someone who has
studied a lot of choral work, the music of Morten Lauridsen was a clear choice for me.
Lauridsen’s music is full of warm harmonies and soaring leaps, which I thoughtfully used in this
piece. Aaron’s command of all registers of the trombone, but particularly the high one, gave me
a wide canvas to explore. The piece specifically draws upon two of Lauridsen’s most famous
works: O Magnum Mysterium and Lux Aeterna.

performed by Dr. Aaron Wilson on trombone and Nancy Davis on piano.