“Betty Boop Dance Card” Released!

Holy smokes, “Betty Boop Dance Card” is out for iOS! I’m really proud of this score and it pushed me harder than ever before.  It is, by an enormous margin, the most music I’ve ever written for a game, clocking in at approximately 46 minutes of music.  The score is incredibly diverse – from swing to rock to 8-bit to modern pop… it’s got a … Continue reading “Betty Boop Dance Card” Released!

Prairie Wedding is Available!

Happy Easter! The day is here! Prairie Wedding is published and available for purchase! You can find it at the Daehn Publications website! (or your favourite local music dealer!) It feels like so long ago that I submitted it for the 2012 CBA Composition Competition and here we are, halfway through 2014 and it’s finally in print.  I don’t mean that in a critical way … Continue reading Prairie Wedding is Available!


I am so excited to announce, in conjunction with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba the WORLD PREMIERE of my work for Symphony Orchestra, Morgun. It premieres on October 31st, 2014 at 8:00pm at the Winnipeg Centennial Concert Hall in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. “Morgun” is Icelandic for “morning” and, when I was approached to write a piece as part of the 125th … Continue reading Morgun – *WORLD PREMIERE!*

When the spark catches…

So, I worked on this game called DuckTales: Scrooge’s Loot that was made by Complex Games and published by Disney.  My last post was about it and, now that the game is out, it’s starting to make some waves. I’ve been following online magazines like Destructoid and Touch Arcade for a long time and today I saw DTSL on both of those this afternoon.  Then … Continue reading When the spark catches…

Music Ed Monday – The Double Bind of Truth-Telling

So, I’m reading a book that’s blowing my mind. It’s called The Curse of the Good Girl and it’s by Rachel Simmons.  I’ve had it on my book shelf for about three years – I bought it in the same shopping trip as The Purity Myth, which also blew my mind.  Clearly, this was a good day at the bookstore. The Curse of the Good … Continue reading Music Ed Monday – The Double Bind of Truth-Telling

Revisiting the Ghosts

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada.  It is the day where we take time to remember the service men and women who fought in Canada’s military to protect the peace and freedoms that we hold dear. I’ve always felt reasonably impacted by Remembrance Day.  Maybe it was because my grandpa fought in World War 2, or that my Afi (Icelandic grandfather) was supposed to, but … Continue reading Revisiting the Ghosts

Music Ed Monday – The Rollerskating Girl

Wow, October already, eh? What a wild start up.  For teachers and/or students reading this, I hope it’s been grand and the machine is running full steam ahead! We had a wonderful PD session on Friday.  Actually, “wonderful” doesn’t quite cut it – it was earth-shattering.  I barely slept all weekend because I couldn’t keep my mind out of it. The speaker’s name is Debbie … Continue reading Music Ed Monday – The Rollerskating Girl

VGM Wednesday – “Forever Rachel” Transcription for Live Instruments

“Forever Rachel” from Final Fantasy VI, by Nobuo Uematsu Transcribed for live instruments by Eiko Ishiwata. I’ve really been trying to limit my posting of Final Fantasy music since starting this blog.  Even though I have so much history with the franchise and I know this music better than any other VGM game or series, there is so much great game music out there and … Continue reading VGM Wednesday – “Forever Rachel” Transcription for Live Instruments

Its song, so sweet, compels me…

This past month, something that I always felt inside was confirmed: The world is craving emotional classical music about our place in the natural universe. We Are Stars is getting published, Filum Vitae is in submission (but has generally been well-received) and, perhaps most surprisingly, Cosmos has been shared by prominent astronomers, is being featured by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (Vancouver) and has … Continue reading Its song, so sweet, compels me…