Music Ed Monday – … Now Go Do It

In the last few posts, we’ve talked about visualizing our classroom – “What if it were…” and “What does that look like?”

Now comes the hardest one:

Now go do it.

The cliche is “if you build it, they will come,” isn’t it? But the problem with cliches is that so many of them are true.  Another good cliche that I love comes from (I think) music educator Tim Lautzenheizer: “All good programs are personality-driven.”

When you project the ideas of visualization, it’s really inspiring.  Have similar people inspired you like that in the past? Do they continue to inspire you in the present? It’s wild, we even have a word for people who think that way: visionaries.

But, what’s perhaps the most inspiring about these individuals is that they often have credibility because they’ve reached their goals.

Look at Tim Berners-Lee, imagining a world where everyone could connect and share information instantly via computers.

Look at Dave Eggers, wanting to open an area where local writers can help mentor kids and improve with literacy in a public space (in his case, 826 Valencia).

Our goals as teachers are smaller in scale, but no less grand.  I don’t know about you, but I want to foster healthy, literate minds who are motivated to improve the world they live in.  As we teach them, we prompt the questions: “What if…” then “What does that look like…”

And then finally we give them the silver bullet: “Now go do it.” 🙂

They what inspiring people look like to us is often how we look to our students.  A bit of pressure, but what’s stopping you? You can do it – what if/what does it look like/now go do it.”  All good programs are personality-driven and, without even realizing, I bet that you already do it, just let them see your process.

Complete your goal.  If you do it, post in the comments below and let us know how it went! If you feel especially courageous start a new goal and don’t worry about instant gratification.  What if it’s a 2-year goal? A 3-year goal? A 5-year goal?

Thanks for reading and happy teaching!

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