The Constant

“The Constant” is a radio play about five friends and a new city. Two years earlier, life was easy in their rural town – everyone was who they were and life was simpler. At the nexus of life’s great turning points, people either grow together or grow apart. No one could have expected that their move to the big city would affect their lifelong relationships so much, or end one of their lives.

Featuring the voice talents of:

Aaron Russin – James
Dani Sykes – Jessica
Dave Johnson – Ashley
Emily Wood – Maia
Ian Johnson – Silas
Kenley Kristofferson – Felix
Maggie Thiessen – Michaela
Stu Boyko – The Boss

For supporting roles, see the individual posts of each episode.

All music featured in the show was recorded by bands, singers and songwriters who all live within 100km of Winnipeg, MB and was gracefully released by the artists for this project. NDB Studio Productions strongly believes in supporting and promoting local talent and does so whenever they can! For artist listing, please see each episode’s post.


So, what is it?

“The Constant” is a radio play that I wrote, directed, produced, edited and starred in (I play Felix). In 2008, Jeremy and I were neck-deep in NDB Studio Productions and we wanted a project where we could flex our ADR, composing, recording, editing, mixing and mastering muscles – that project turned into “The Constant.”

Episode 1 – Exposition

Episode 2 – Common Goals

Episode 3 – Of Ships and Storms

Episode 4 – Man Down

Episode 5 – Michaela, Wait

Episode 6 – Welcome Home, Brother

Episode 7 – Finale