Final Fantasy: The Card Game

Wow, I can’t believe the day is actually here.

The Final Fantasy Card Game is an endeavour almost one year in the making (with many breaks).  It unifies a card-based strategy game with the world of Final Fantasy, culminating in an enjoyable experience that doesn’t get bogged down with time or details.

Do you remember starting Dissidia: Final Fantasy for the PSP and thinking how cool it was that all of the characters across the games are interacting? Then, do you ever wish there was a role-playing game like that?

Or did you ever play Magic cards and think “man, if only this were Final Fantasy?”

Well, if you combine those things, you get Final Fantasy: The Card Game.

Consider watching this first 🙂

First things first: You can download it here: It’s free! (and I’m making now money off of this or anything, just a love letter to my favourite series).

Download the Final Fantasy Card Game.

This package contains the card sheets, the rules, a spreadsheet with info and stats, as well the fonts for customization.

If you’re a customizing buff, or you want to make some new cards, change existing ones, or just get your hands in the cookie jar, I’ve included all of the photoshop files as well.  Below are the individual cards, as well as all of them together in one zip file:

Armour Cards
Boss Cards
Card Sheets
Chance Cards
Class Cards
Enemy Cards
Item Cards
Magic Cards
Party Cards
Random Battle Cards
Relic/Accessory Cards
Summon Cards
Weapon Cards

Download the game and all of its photoshop files.

** I just noticed that both the old and new enemy card values are in there.  Use the new ones, please! (otherwise, it’s too easy!)

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Enjoy and have fun!