I am so excited to announce, in conjunction with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba the WORLD PREMIERE of my work for Symphony Orchestra, Morgun. It premieres on October 31st, 2014 at 8:00pm at the Winnipeg Centennial Concert Hall in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. “Morgun” is Icelandic for “morning” and, when I was approached to write a piece as part of the 125th … Continue reading Morgun – *WORLD PREMIERE!*

Music Ed Monday – Good News Calls

 But the most important lesson to be learned about calling parents at home to praise the achievements of their children is that those calls are actually more effective.  The student comes into class the next day with a lighter step, a brighter smile, and usually more of the same wonderfulness that prompted me to call home the night before. – Taylor Mali “What Teachers Make” … Continue reading Music Ed Monday – Good News Calls

VGM Wednesdays – “The Light”

“The Light” from Bit Blot’s Aquaria, released in 2007. It is very rare in one’s life that they meet someone as creative and passionate about their art as Alec Holowka, one of the co-creators of Aquaria and head of the indie games studio, Infinite Ammo.  To meet someone who devotes every spare minute to art is really inspiring and he’s one of the two people that I … Continue reading VGM Wednesdays – “The Light”

Greg MacThursdays – November 10, 2011

“there’s something dead out in the field behind our house the wind’s changing direction I seen the local man dressing up in the latest style he says, “It’s only natural selection…” good times coming back again.” – “Good Times” from ‘Good Times Coming Back Again’ I read this as the old turning into the new, but the song is SO dark and gritty that it’s … Continue reading Greg MacThursdays – November 10, 2011

Greg MacThursdays – November 3, 2011

“Our anger built and tightly wound We walked the coal road through the town “The store,” I yelled, “We’ll burn it down, Burn it to a cynder!” As I spoke these words before my eyes Their doors and windows opened wide And 10 more miners joined my side Beaten, starved and angered We were beaten, starved and angered” – “Company Store” from ‘Maintenance’ One of … Continue reading Greg MacThursdays – November 3, 2011

Greg MacThursdays – October 27, 2011

Greg MacPherson is a Winnipeg-based musician that has resonated with me since I was a teenager and still does.  His music is a tie between grittiness and passion; between being raw and being honest. Every Thursday, I’ll post some lyrics of his that I really dig and are often great commentary on our lives and us as human beings. I cannot recommend his music enough … Continue reading Greg MacThursdays – October 27, 2011