We Are Stars

SATB Choir

A preview from the liner notes…

“Most stars are made of the three lightest elements in the universe: Hydrogen, Helium and Lithium.  Upon their death, some smaller stars simply burn out and fade away, but the elder and more massive stars do something entirely different.  These cosmic titans cave into their core, creating enormous heat, light and energy not seen since the Big Bang almost fourteen billion years ago.

But, as these stars collapse, the new heat and density enables their lighter elements to be forged into larger, heavier and stronger ones like Nitrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, Iron and so forth.  This process is call nuclear fusion and, in short, it fills the universe with a veritable something rather than nothing.

As this fertile star gives way, it gets heavier and denser until it compresses to a point where it can be compressed no further and is brimming with energy.  Unable to sustain that form, it explodes through space and seeds the universe with heavy elements.  These elements go on to attract to one another through space and gravity to form asteroids, planetoids and sometimes planets.

Earth is one of these planets.  From the calcium in our bones to cobalt in our mountains, all things are connected through a common solar origin.  The stellar nursery in the night sky reminds us that all stars, all flowers, all mountains and all life are all just threads in a cosmic tapestry – each thread is important in itself, but when woven together, the picture is not only more clear, but also more beautiful.”

… isn’t that just lovely?

If you would like to purchase it, it will be published by Cypress Choral Music in Summer 2012!

Stay tuned for more!


3 thoughts on “We Are Stars

  1. That’s super cool that you’ve sung with Diane Loomer! I haven’t spoken with her much (I’ve been talking to Larry Nickel), but I know who she is. It may be early summer before it happens in print, but it’ll be out there 🙂

  2. Hi Kenley
    I am directing the Pender Island Choral Society 50 voice non-auditioned adult choir this fall. I chose your composition “We are Stars” after hearing it performed on the Cypress Music website. We hope to perform this piece at our December concerts. I was very impressed with both the text and the musical “shaping”. It will fit in beautifully with our theme “Embracing” as we embrace our world, each other, peace, the season and, in your music, our existence. I’ll let you know how it goes. The choir already likes it!

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