Prairie Wedding

Prairie Wedding was my submission to the 2012 Canadian Band Association Composition Competition, which I enter every year.  I love that competition – it’s friendly, it’s encouraging and it promotes Canadian composers to write.  While I was thinking about what my 2012 entry was going to be, my wife and I were planning our wedding.

Okay, let’s be honest – she was planning the wedding, I was trying to help but mostly getting in the way.

At that point, it was clear what the topic should be.

The piece is inspired by a wedding in the endless and open feel of the Canadian Prairies.  Bells ringing through the big sky, long grass swaying around the bride and groom…

(That’s not exactly what my wedding was, not even close, actually… but it was inspiring!)

The first section is the anticipation of the day.  The bells are still in the distance and there’s still a peace about the day.

The clarinets and bassoon herald the second section of the piece: The ceremony.  The bride and groom are beaming and the rings are gracefully exchanged.  It’s the beginning of a great life together.

The third section is heralded by the trumpets and flutes, like the flower girl exploding out the church and telling everyone that the happy couple is married.  The ale is being poured and old friends are rejoicing.  The little kids are holding hands and spinning to the sounds of flutes and pipes.  Again, it is an exciting beginning to an exciting life together!


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