Pirates Ahoy!

I have so much gratitude for Noah Decter-Jackson and the crew at Complex Games, they are such a great team to work with.  If it weren’t for them, I would have much less professional composing experience and a lot less knowledge about implementing music into games.

Knowing video game music is one thing, doing it and making it work is entirely another.

Complex Games and I have worked on many projects together, including Skipping Stones for the iPhone, Air Traffic Controller and Pirates Ahoy! for facebook as well as PC/Mac projects as well.

Pirates Ahoy! was SUCH a fun project because, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to write fun pirate music? The music doesn’t take itself too seriously, but that’s what makes it really enjoyable.  For me, it harkens back to days of earlier VGM where you didn’t have to worry as much about making the perfect string sound or flute sound, it was really more about conveying the feeling and spirit of the game (for example, the guitar ostinato of Final Fantasy IV‘s “Main Theme” is probably impossible in real life, but conveys the colour and spirit of the game’s world).

Here is a demo reel for the game!

One of my favourite tunes from the game didn’t make it into the trailer, but it plays while your ship is docked at your Home Port where one decks out their ships with heavy armour, missile launchers and other intense options – Missile launching pirate ships, I bet you want to play it now 🙂

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