Clones is a puzzle-strategy game for PC that is quite reminiscent of the best parts of Lemmings, but with some wild multiplayer abilities.  It was produced by Winnipeg’s very own, Tomkorp Computer Solutions.

The score was split between myself and another local composer/keyboardist named Eric Nordquist, who plays in the VGM cover band, Mode 7 (which I encourage you to check out!).  He took the Beach, Virtual Reality and Mechanized worlds, while I took the Cave, Ice, Space and the incidental music (menu/win/lose/world map/etc.).

While I was writing Clones, I was in my first year at my new school, directing a musical and managing a ton of new classes and listening to the music now is an eye-opening experience because I don’t really remember writing a lot of it.  I was putting in 8-10 hour days at school and writing until 1:00 or 2:00am every night.  My submissions went to the programmer, who had quite a lot of musical experience as well, so to get a piece approved took many drafts, lots of discussion and constant revision.

But, like usual with submitting and revision, it was necessary and I’m really proud of the music that went into that game.  Each area is made of one melody with four variations and a boss theme, so here is a sampling of my favourites!

Mount Metheny (from “Snow Level”)

Pristine Space (from “Space Level”)

Space Boss (from “Space Level”… obviously)


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