Prairie Trombone Suite

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This piece was commissioned by the Manitoba Trombone Collective in 2017 and premiered by
over forty trombones at the Great Brass / Great Cause concert that year. The trombone octet is
divided into three movements, each chronicling part of a prairie day.

Movement I is Sunrise, and waits for the sun as it slowly peeks over the horizon, sharing its light
with the wide open prairie sky. The bass and tenor registers of the trombones really lend
themselves to the lush harmonies and close clusters that fill the performance space with warmth.

Movement II is Shenanigans, following kids who need to fill the long days outside in the long
grass and, of course, find some trouble to get into. A bouncing and rollicking feel, highlighted by
quick rhythms and fast slides make this tremendously fun to play.

And the evening begins in Movement III, Nightfall. The cool evening air and the serenity of the
fields are depicted in beautiful harmony that slowly rises and falls, like breathing, preparing for
the next day.

performed by the Manitoba Trombone Collective and guests.