Chamber Music


Inspired by the watercolour series by Yoshitaka Amano, this three-movement work portrays the mischevious Leprechaun, the queen Titania, and the spiteful Knockers is the mine.

For solo clarinet and marimba

The Inner Light

While much of science fiction these days is dark, more traditional sci-fi aims to show us something about society in the present while unfolding a story about the future. As a young kid, I was keenly aware that something like Star Trek was not about explosions or rampant conflict, but about how we can use diplomacy and science to improve humanity. It was a message that shaped how I look at the world today; that the future can bring a better version of ourselves. For solo trombone and piano.

Into Dreams

This piece reflects the space in between the minutes between being awake and falling asleep, in the moments of being simultaneously both and neither, when the world around you slowly slips away as we drift off.

for solo clarinet and marimba

Prairie Trombone Suite

This trombone octet is divided into three movements, each part chronicling part of a prairie day. Movement I is Sunrise, and waits for the sun as it slowly peeks over the horizon, sharing its light
with the wide open prairie sky. Movement II is Shenanigans, following kids who need to fill the long days outside in the long grass and, of course, find some trouble to get into. And the evening begins in Movement III, Nightfall. The cool evening air and the serenity of the fields are depicted in beautiful harmony that slowly rises and falls, like breathing, preparing for the next day.

O Magnum Lux

This piece captures the warmth and mystical nature of famed choral composer Morton Lauridsen. The piano’s warm and open voicing throughout the piece encapsulates Lauridsen’s orchestration style, empowering the trombone melody to sing throughout. This work fills the listener with warmth, awe, and deference before finishing with a profound and quiet peace.

for solo trombone and piano.

The Stars of November

An emotionally complex piece centered around the expectation of a new life coming into the world, followed by loss. This powerful work navigates between joy and tragedy, between hope and acceptance. Though not for the faint of heart, it showcases the power of music to connect and support each other.

for solo trumpet and piano.